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sales potential
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Way more than a trend.

There is no question that the pandemic is increasing people's desire for social proximity and exchange with others. But the current situation is only an accelerator for an already unstoppable progress in  eCommerce. Brands take their opportunity to position themselves as pioneers in the area of Livestream Shopping. Is your brand one of them?

Love first? Sales first? Both first.

For us, Livestream Shoptainment is not only about praising products but having a couple of minutes full of fabulous entertainment with great people and a bunch of new knowledge. We’re pretty sure - your community will love it. Simply start the conversation!

Product performance hits brand awareness.

Boost conversion rates or build up a loyal fan community? Hmm, difficult decision - if both were not possible at the same time. Surprise, it is! So think forward as we do. Livestream Shopping is the future of e-commerce. Wanna join?

Sosho Entertainment

Entertain and activate your social community to create new sales opportunities.
With inventive Livestream Shoptainment made by Sosho.

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